This means war!

Arm yourself with offensive warfare weapons that will detonate spiritual firepower in your life, your family, and your ministry! Apostle, prophet, and author, Morris Cerullo, is considered by many to be the father of the present-day spiritual warfare movement.

Demolishing Demonic Strongholds brings together the wisdom and understanding to recognize Satan and his terrible tactics. He tries to convince you that all of your problems such as illness, defeat, depression, and worry, have nothing to do with demonic influence. He makes you think that they are all caused by circumstance, your spouse, your in-laws, the wrong vitamins, a bad childhood, or whatever!

The fact is: demonic oppression is very real in today’s Church. There is one demonic spirit that controls, dominates, possesses, oppresses, vexes, and torments eight out of ten people in the world today; this includes born-again Christians!

When you know your enemy, you can demolish his strongholds in your life. The answers are within these pages, so claim your victory today!