The God we serve is a God Who knows no limit. Yet, we limit our unlimited God because we don’t see Him as He really is! Do you see Him as some outdated Force, irrelevant to today’s needs, no longer able to perform miracles? Or do you see Him as the One Who is able to speak the Word only, and your need whatever it is, will be met.

In How to Take the Limits Off God, Morris Cerullo teaches you to cut God loose from your preconceived notions of Him, and allow Him to work, not according to your limited capacity but according to His unlimited ability! Once you understand this principle, you will experience God’s miracle working power in your life and the lives of your family and friends.

Chapters in this powerful book include:

“God Knows No Limit.”
“How Can We Know God’s Will?”
“How Can We See God as He Really Is?”
“Must We Struggle to Produce Faith?”
“What the Centurion Saw”

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