Breaking Satan’s Conspiracy Against Your Family:

Morris and Theresa Cerullo expose satan’s conspiracy against your family and provide seven steps on how to build a powerful, spiritual wall of defense around your family.

Topics include:

  • the root cause behind the alarming increase in violent crime among youth,
  • marriage under attack,
  • children giving birth to children,
  • the national epidemic that no one wants to talk about,
  • and how to break the cycle of abuse.

The Family Blessing:

Rolf Garborg’s compilation of biblical blessings for the entire family.

Topics include:

  • blessing the family,
  • four types of blessing,
  • the benefits of blessing,
  • blessing as a way of life,
  • and blessings that heal.

Praying For Those You Love:

Jack Hayford provides encouragement, powerful testimonies, keen, biblical guidance, and insight to help you pray more effectively on behalf of your loved ones in need.

Topics include:

  • a divine invitation to partnership,
  • war against separation,
  • doing your part and letting God do His,
  • promises and patterns for reaching people,
  • and praying for someone you don’t want to pray for.