Thankful to your ministry
6th June 2016

A few days after I was seeking the Lord, I received a huge package from Evangelist Morris Cerullo. This was truly a divine appointment because I had not requested this package, nor did I have any contact with his organization. In the letter and other materials, Morris Cerullo stated he had received a mandate from the Lord to go on a 40-day fast. He said that the Lord would release the power of Pentecost and a seven-fold blessing into the lives of those who also participated in this fast. As I read and prayed about starting this fast, the Lord began to reveal Himself, His love, and His plan for me in a surprising way. I had never in my wildest imagination thought it possible for me to visit Israel, but soon after receiving this package from Morris Cerullo, God made it possible! He gave me supernatural favor to get time off from work and to get a passport when I didn’t even have a birth certificate. The next thing was to figure out how I was going to come up with $3,800, plus spending money. The Lord took care of that, too! That was the beginning of my travels to the Holy Land. I have been to Israel about nine times now – all because of that first prophetic communication I received from Morris Cerullo! I will be forever thankful to your ministry.