Partner Ministry Letter

Dear Friend,

Are you suffering today under a heavy burden? This past year has been a terrible hardship for millions. All of us have been greatly impacted in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may have suffered physically, financially, and emotionally. It may be a tragedy and great personal loss. If this year has been especially hard on you, I have a word you need to hear.

There is supernatural power … available for you … through God’s anointing!

… and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing (Isaiah 10:27).

Please open your heart to read every word of this letter.  I am going to share with you how the power of God can change your life and release an outpouring of abundance and blessing over your finances, health, relationships and everywhere you need a touch from God. I believe you are standing on the precipice of a Divine Appointment that’s been decades in the making.

Almost 60 years ago, back in 1962 …

Dad was in the middle of a 10-day crusade at a huge complex in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Fifty thousand people had gathered for the meeting. He took the stage and placed his Bible on the tiny, wobbly plywood square that had been nailed to the railing for use as a podium.

Barely ten minutes into his message, he stopped mid-sentence. He felt as if someone had sliced through his chest, directly into his heart. The pain was excruciating. Nothing he had ever experienced delivered such paralyzing pain.

There, he grabbed the little plywood podium that held his Bible, hoping it would hold him up, too. The enormous crowd watched with open mouths and wide eyes at the bewildering scene as two ministry colleagues rushed up and helped him off the stage and back to his room at the hotel.

By the time he entered the room, his clothes were soaked with sweat. He had regained the ability to move on his own, but he was racked with pain. As he fell face down on the carpet, he cried out to God …

When Dad asked the Lord, “Are You taking me home now?” God spoke to him very clearly, “No, this isn’t your time to die. This happened to you for a reason.” Suddenly, the pain was gone … and the awesome Presence of God filled the room!

The words that God spoke were life-changing for my dad and for the direction of our entire ministry …

The day of the missionary traveling thousands of miles to serve a divergent people group in a strange culture—the very thing he and Mom had been doing for years—was coming to an end. The outcry in many nations was now Africa for the Africans … Asia for the Asians!

The focus of God’s chosen men flying to foreign countries to do large scale, short-term evangelistic events would soon be a thing of the past. The era of trained national ministers leading their countrymen to salvation and spiritual maturity was unfolding.

God spoke to Dad, “Morris, what do you want out of this life?”

Dad cried out, “Lord, there is only one thing that I ask of You. Give me the ability to take the POWER and ANOINTING that You have placed on my life and ministry … and use me to give this anointing to others!”

At that moment, the ministry of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism was transformed as God spoke these five audible words, “Son, build Me an army!”

This heavenly calling has resulted in millions of Christian leaders being empowered to reach their nations with the power of the Holy Spirit!

Millions of believers all over the world have received this anointing … as God demonstrated His power to meet their needs … and used them to win souls for Christ, and to share God’s power with millions more.

These men and women are trained, empowered, and launched to reach the lost … establish churches … and outreaches that help the poor, care for orphans and the homeless … and provide hope to countless numbers of people,
many times in places where jobs, and even basic provisions, are hard to come by. Through this ministry, we have seen the Gospel transform nations.

Today, this multiplication of trained National ministers is shaking the nations of the world … as we build God an army!

I believe that NOW is your TIME to rise up and receive this mantle of anointing, favor, increase, and power that God wants
to place over your life.

Nothing is more important in these last days than what you do for His kingdom. That’s why I believe it is so important for you to connect with God’s anointing that empowers our ministry and mission.

God has given our ministry the mandate of training, equipping, and empowering Christian leaders around the world, to reach the lost, and the brokenhearted with the saving, healing, and life-changing power of Christ.

There is a blessing in store for YOU as we join hands together! I firmly believe that when you get involved in what is important to God, He gets involved with what is important to you!

If you want to receive God’s power and anointing … the very same anointing that He has placed on this ministry … step out in faith today!

For more than 70 years, this ministry has reached the world for Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit through healing, deliverance, miracles, and God’s blessings of abundance, wholeness, and the gift of salvation.

God placed His mantle of anointing on my Dad’s life … and I want to invite you to accept God’s mantle of anointing on your life!

With this letter, I believe God is speaking to your heart to accept this divine appointment. When you sow into the good ground of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism you position yourself to receive an anointing from God …

His incredible power that destroys every yoke (Isaiah 10:27).

You also position yourself for God’s release of a floodtide of blessings on you and your family … an outpouring of abundant blessings!

God’s Word promises as you draw closer to Him by taking steps of faith and sowing your seed into this kingdom work … you will reap a harvest of His blessings in due season!

The Lord shall command His blessing upon thee … (Deuteronomy 28:8). Friend, right now, I am asking you to join me as a partaker of God’s promised blessing and favor!

Plant your best seed offering into this ministry to build God an army of believers around the world. Join me in accepting this divine mandate which God gave to my father, Dr. Morris Cerullo … which is bearing much fruit!

An outpouring of God’s PROVISION, ABUNDANCE, and a FLOODTIDE of His BLESSINGS begins when you put action to your faith and plant your seed in the good ground of this end-time harvest!

Today, I’m expecting God to OPEN THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN for you … and begin to pour you out a blessing that is MORE THAN ENOUGH to meet all your
personal needs.

Friend, release what is in your hand and God will release what is in His hand … Believe God’s promise that when you sow, you shall reap as you join with me for souls!

Together, we have come to this divine moment for you to believe, sow your precious seed offering, and get ready for the promise of God’s blessings
to come upon your life and family.

The amount of your gift is between you and the Lord … and He will always honor each sacrificial gift no matter how large or small. For you, $50 or $100 may be a sacrificial gift … perhaps a much larger gift would be a sacrifice. Ask the Holy Spirit how much He wants you to give and open your heart to the instruction of the LORD.

“Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (2 Corinthians 9:6).Believe God’s Word … He has promised to command His blessing upon you… as you plant your seed into kingdom work through the good ground of this ministry!

This is your time to activate YOUR anointing oil! This ANOINTING OIL contains no magic … it is simply a point of contact to help you release your faith. Prayerfully use your oil to anoint your physical body, your checkbook, your loved ones, the doorposts of your home, and everywhere you need a BREAKTHROUGH!

Expect a powerful move of God to manifest in your life as you sow your sacrificial faith seed. Believe God for His blessings, superabundance, and a floodtide of His provision to pour from the windows of heaven into your life!

Breakthrough testimonies are pouring in from many of our ministry partners. Say YES to God today! Release God’s powerful anointing into your life as you join me in building God an army.


May God’s bountiful blessings be yours,

David Cerullo