Partner Ministry Letter

Dear Beloved Partner,

From a sacred place of prayer, Morris prepared this letter for you before he entered his heavenly reward. Please receive these words as coming from God’s heart through His servant and prophet.

We miss MC terribly, but we are continuing the work that God established for us to pass on the anointing that He gave to Morris. As Morris often said, “This is not the work of a man, but of the Holy Spirit!” Together, you and I will see countless lives changed and nations impacted by the power and anointing of God.

It is with a prayerful heart and sense of destiny that this message reaches you.

With much love and affection,

Theresa Cerullo

God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.
Acts 19:11-12, NIV

Beloved Partner,

There can be no question … that the miraculous anointing God has placed on my life and ministry has brought tremendous POWER for heavenly miracles and supernatural answers to prayer! Partners all over the world are praising God for the life-changing touch they have received through the anointing on God’s servant.

This precious anointing is a divine enablement that is available for a specific time … to accomplish a profound work! Beloved, I wish to pass this anointing on to you, so the miraculous power of God can meet your personal needs.

During this time of COVID-19, when you have been told to “shelter in place,” and are unable to gather together, you must remember that there is no distance between you and God! His Holy Spirit will meet you right there in your home. I encourage you to remain faithful and believe in God for your great miracle!

Trust in God’s prophet! God directed me to do what the apostle Paul did when people needed a miracle but were far away. Paul prayed over a supernatural point of contact … a simple handkerchief … and when the sick received it, they were healed (Acts 19:12)! I have prayed for you daily and prepared a miraculous anointing oil that is supercharged by my prayers.

This will be a powerful instrument of the HOLY SPIRIT, and can heal, deliver, and supernaturally meet every need through … the ANOINTING …

To receive this precious oil, you must sow a seed! Once I receive your offering, I will send you your anointing oil in a clear and protected pouch that has been untouched by human hands. This oil has been set aside — SANCTIFIED for your miraculous encounter with God.

This special oil will be a vehicle of the Holy Spirit to give you MIRACLE ANSWERS to the needs in your life! Once you send me your seed-faith offering, you will receive your pouch of anointing oil.

What follows is crucial … you must abide by God’s prophetic instructions to receive all He has for you! Each step will be a miracle …

First, hold your pouch of anointing oil in your hands! Believe God for …

1) YOUR TOTAL HEALING: Take some anointing oil on your fingers and touch it to your forehead or any place on your body where you have any ailment or discomfort. This is your point of contact for your healing miracle.

2) DEBT CANCELLATION: God is your provider. Take out your wallet and touch the anointing oil with your fingers and apply it to your financial needs. Your heavenly Father knows how to cancel these debts and … multiply your seed into your financial harvest.

3) DIVINE PROTECTION: As the world is inundated with more dangers, threats, and challenges, you must know that God is the only one who can fully protect you in your life.

Now, you must ask the Holy Spirit to guide you wherever you go. Pray against fear, witchcraft, unmet needs, and demonic spirits. In the Name of Jesus, everything that has been assigned against you will be broken!

And by the Spirit of God , I believe you must give a MIRACULOUS seed as an evidence of your faith … believing God for your personal needs! Give your greatest seed … make it your very best miracle offering.

Your faith-filled action will stir God’s miraculous anointing for you!

My Faithful Offering

God’s servant,

Morris Cerullo

Anointing Oil

I open up my heart to give You my faithful offering to receive your great anointing!  I  trust and believe your promises … I surrender my life and all that I am into Your hand for the glory of Your Name!

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