12 Prophetic Promises

Partner Ministry Letter12 PROPHETIC PROMISES FROM GOD!Receive these 12 prophetic promises and experience 100% victory over 100% of your needs!As I was

12 Prophetic Promises2020-12-22T14:26:11-08:00

Power of Prayer

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to

Power of Prayer2020-11-25T14:39:44-08:00


A Note from Theresa: Morris’ special message I promised to send you is finally here! Open your heart to receive this message



Partner Ministry Letter My Precious Partner, I remember a gesture Morris used to make when he preached. He would put up


Atonement Day

From the Desk of Theresa Cerullo Partner Ministry Letter I pray that my favorite Bible verse will be a special encouragement

Atonement Day2020-08-28T18:40:53-07:00

Anointing Oil

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Beloved Partner, From a sacred place of prayer, Morris prepared this letter for you before he entered

Anointing Oil2020-08-13T18:27:23-07:00
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