GVA School of Ministry: Impacting Lives Worldwide!!!

Thousands of Millennial Nationals in Africa are training to be Proof Producers through our online courses. This generation is discovering a new love as they do: Dr. Morris Cerullo!

This newsletter’s focus is on a young, upcoming generation of Nationals who are just now discovering the dunamis power of the anointing that is upon the teachings of Morris Cerullo. These Millennials are the generation born
between 1981 and 1994, and they are currently between 25 and 40 years old.

Meet Paul Ayo Osobu, from Lagos, Nigeria. Paul is 30 years old. He is recently married and a Graduate Engineer. On top of being a newlywed and his employment, Paul has dedicated his time to taking ten courses of the
God’s Victorious Army School of Ministry!

With great enthusiasm, he says:

It is my prayer that the ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo would grow from grace to grace, from strength to strength and from power to power and that the existing ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo would increase in glory, in Jesus’ Name.


Thousands of Millennials are taking courses through our God’s Victorious Army School of Ministry. A whole new generation is discovering Dr. Morris Cerullo’s ministry and receiving a powerful anointing from God through this training!

Because of our Partners who financially give to build God’s Victorious Army, these students from over 200 countries and territories have
received their scholarship for ministry training!

These students go out and quickly put their training to work by impacting their cities and nations for Jesus, producing the proof that Jesus is Who He says He is. Testimonies are flooding in of God moving in signs, wonders, and miracles as people receive Christ.


Paul dedicated his life to Jesus Christ when he was 10 years old. He is part of Voice of Salvation church in Lagos where his father is the pastor. Paul’s church is affiliated with PFN, an association of Pentecostal churches in Nigeria that have a close connection with the ministry of Morris Cerullo.

Paul says, “Since I was a teenager, I have heard of Dr. Morris Cerullo and how God was using him mightily before he passed on to glory. My dad would always talk about Morris Cerullo … and from there God led me to a point of not just hearing … but to knowing … to going online to search for who is Dr. Morris Cerullo. Glory be to God that today his legacy lives on, and that I am a full beneficiary of ten courses offered by the School of Ministry founded by God’s servant Dr. Morris Cerullo. Just getting to watch and listen to his teachings, our God was actually using him before he passed on to glory. The ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo has been influencing my life … “

 God has been using him mightily as a vessel in this new generation.

Paul goes on to say:

“When I saw the God’s Victorious Army School of Ministry online, I got so, so excited! It is influencing my life and affecting it, so I know that the ministry that God will be placing in my hands is sincerely beyond words. Since I have been going online, studying the materials about who Dr. Cerullo is, how God was using him, it has really helped my Christian walk. It has impacted my spiritual journey and how I walk with God. And that is so amazing. Glory be to God!”


Paul has seen God’s miracle-working power when he prays for others. It’s exciting when God answers prayers for people’s deep needs. Also, God is using Paul to win souls:

“I engage myself in soul-winning because it is the first thing I have been called to do as a Christian. I cannot number how many I have seen saved. I take every opportunity to preach Christ to all people.”

“I am also working on multiplying myself, and not just being a hearer of the word or of the teachings alone … or a recipient of the ministry alone … or the anointing alone … but ensuring that I reach out to lost souls and am making disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Many Millennials like Paul from Africa, Latin America, Asia and across the world are being trained through our God’s Victorious Army School of Ministry courses … but God has placed it on our hearts to do more! This month, your GVA seed offering will help take the Gospel into
new territories! Please respond today!


The practical messages God gave to Morris Cerullo are impacting this younger generation of believers. The mantle of anointing they receive equips them to share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Janet from Nairobi, Kenya, was also trained by our ministry. Here is her testimony:

“I thank God for the GVA School of Ministry … I intervened for a mother whose pregnancy was to be terminated because of congenital malformations. I disagreed and encouraged her to carry her pregnancy to term. Canceling the devil’s plans, a baby boy was born with no abnormalities!”

Your powerful GVA financial partnership will take the Gospel into the nations. With your help we will reach more Millennials like Paul and Janet. God’s Victorious Army is growing and you are a vital part of this amazing ministry!

R. Charles, from Canada, shared his experience with God pouring incredible blessings into his life:

“During the altar call, the anointing was so strong and powerful that I instantly received the fire and power that God was imparting. I want to become a regular partner with your ministry to reach the nations in return for what you have done for me. I am excited to see God move, now, more than ever.”

Thank you in advance for sowing your best offering to build God’s Victorious Army!

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