The Power of God Drives Demons Away!

Anny Fernandes

Growing up in Malaysia, my family was Hindu, and my father always told us, “You are born Hindu, you die Hindu.” This was strongly ingrained in me as a child. As I grew older, I wasn’t a religious Hindu, but I worshipped some of the many gods that Hindus worship.

The Hindu religion has over 4 million gods – all different shapes, different animals, and various combinations of animal and human parts.

When I was still a young child, some missionaries came into our village. For missionaries to come to our village was a great thing, so my siblings went to listen to them. As a result, my older brother and sister accepted Jesus Christ, but they did not really understand what they were doing. It had no influence on their lives at that time. But looking back, I believe that it was God’s plan, planting the seed in our home that would later lead to my deliverance.

Bound By Witchcraft and Tormented By Demons!

From a very early age, I was fiercely tormented by demons. While I was sleeping, they would press down on me so hard that I could not breathe! There were times when I was literally pulled from my bed, with demons pulling at my hair and body.

Desperate for help, I went from one witch doctor to another. Some gave me different things to eat or drink; others gave me various charms. One time, I was given a tiny elephant’s tail that was supposed to scare the demons away. These are the type of things Hindus believe – because the elephant is so huge, it was supposed to kick the demons out. Now I know that demons flee at the sound of Jesus’ Name!

Nothing the witch doctors gave me worked. In fact, things only got worse. As I tried one charm or potion to rid myself of a demon, other demons would come. After seeing one witch doctor after another, each visit would add more demons. More and more, stronger and stronger demonic forces were attacking me. It was unbearable!

God Miraculously Used A Former Buddhist To Lead Me To Jesus!

Anny Fernades receives an award

While I was working at an American firm in Malaysia, a co-worker, a former Buddhist, invited me to tea. I began telling her about the horrible demonic torment that I was going through, and God led her to share with me about Jesus. I said to her, “Oh, ok. Give me a picture of this Jesus, and I will put it on the altar with my ‘gods’ and pray to him as well.”

My friend lovingly explained to me that I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and stop worshipping false idols. Still blinded by Satan, I told her I couldn’t and I became so angry with her!

Satan had blinded my eyes and my thoughts that I should worship him alone. Now, I truly understand the scripture, II Corinthians 4:4:

Satan, who is the god of this evil world, has made him blind, unable to see the glorious light of the Gospel that is shining upon him or to understand the amazing message we preach about the glory of Christ, who is God. (New Living Translation)

One day we went to church, and I met other Hindu converts. I was so surprised! As I spoke with them about what I was experiencing, they could relate to everything I said. They also told me that the idol-worshipping was not good.

We went to church a couple more times. My friend kept witnessing to me, telling me about and showing me the love of Jesus. Even though I scolded her and told her that I felt like she was trying to brainwash me, she was patient with me.

Jesus’ love shone through my formerly Buddhist friend and God changed my life!

After I was born again, I attended a church where the pastor was the chairman for Morris Cerullo ministries in Malaysia, so we were all involved. I ushered at the events, where Paul Trulin, Charles Blair, Alex Ness, and John Avanzini ministered alongside Dr. Cerullo. I read several of their books, and Proof Producer and My Body, His Life, made a big impact on my spiritual life.

God Totally Delivered Me!

One day, as I visited a church, the power of God overcame me and I couldn’t stop crying! I found myself on the floor – and when I got up – I was totally delivered from all of the powers of darkness that had controlled my life for years!

On my way back home, the Lord spoke to me: Sing, all you barren women, you who never bore a child … I promise I will raise you up and will do through you great things … That’s when I felt the call of God on my life.

I Heard The Voice of God!

The lessons I learned from Dr. Cerullo’s ministry had a great impact on me. God told Dr. Cerullo, “Son, build Me an army …” Africans for Africa, Asians for Asia, each National for their country. When God spoke to me, I knew then that my heart was also for souls.

Two times, prophecies were spoken to me that I did not want to receive. First, I was told that I was going to marry an Indian man, an evangelist, a man of God. The second time, I was told that the Lord was calling me to minister and serve in Africa.

Because of things that had happened in my life, I had developed personal hatred towards different races and people. God began to show me, through His Word, that we should never despise other people, never look down on them.

Vernon and Anny Fernandes

In the Bible, Jesus said go out into the highways and the byways, and that is what I did. I slept in corridors on trains. I slept on floors. I wanted to show the Lord that I was a true vessel for Him, a true missionary. My desire was to be the living letter, as in II Corinthians 3:3, not a letter written with pen and ink, but by the Spirit of the living God. I wanted to be a reflection of Jesus’ love.

My first African missions were in Kenya and Uganda. When the plan came to go to Tanzania, I was told about Morris Cerullo’s director in Tanzania, Vernon Fernandes, who would be a good contact to help me in that country. Vernon was going to America for a conference, so we arranged to meet at the airport. This was the man that God had prophesied would be my husband. What I did not know was that the Lord had already spoken to him that I was going to be his wife!

The Power of God Cured AIDS!

One night in Tanzania, Vernon attended a crusade where I was ministering. A man with HIV/AIDS was carried in on a stretcher; he couldn’t walk. After I prayed, he stood up and started jumping up and down – totally healed! The power of God saturated that place! Vernon was right there, and that’s when his spirit confirmed, “She’s going to be my wife.”

God has blessed us to conduct crusades and seminars in Tanzania and we have seen thousands healed and saved. From those we brought to the Lord, we began creating churches and training church leaders. Now, World Agape Ministries and Agape Life Church consists of over thirty churches and outreaches and reaches millions.

Women in Action International Ministries, one of our outreaches over which I am president, focuses on training women in ministry. Our ministries train in Media, Ministry, and Mercy. Through our Mercy outreach, we have built an orphanage.

We established the first Christian television network in Tanzania, the Agape Television Network (ATN). We show Morris Cerullo’s programs regularly. We have received thousands of calls, and thousands have been healed and saved through our programs on ATN, including a man who later became president of our country.

Brother Cerullo raised us up to reach Africa!

Anny Fernandes, Vernon Fernandes, and Morris Cerullo

Brother Cerullo continually challenged me to be a Proof Producer, because that is the call of the heart of God. That means that I want to be a disciple of Jesus and live like Jesus, witnessing and being an example to other people – especially women.

God has used me to go out into the communities and witness Jesus to the people. My life is a living testimony of obeying the commands of God and bringing souls into His kingdom. God’s heartbeat … my heartbeat … is for souls.

Sow your seed for souls today and get ready to receive God’s blessings in your life! 

Sow Your Seed for Souls