Miracle Power Living

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, God has shown me a clear and direct promise that could release

Miracle Power Living2021-10-12T08:52:02-07:00

Feast of Tabernacles 2021

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, It’s harvest time. The Feast of Tabernacles is coming—the beginning of the

Feast of Tabernacles 20212021-09-17T13:48:06-07:00

Atonement Day 2021

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, When God spoke to my heart ... I had to rush this message

Atonement Day 20212021-08-30T13:09:36-07:00

July 2021 Frontline News

God's Miracle Anointing Heals & Delivers in Latin America National of the Month: Gilberto Blackwood, Panama When

July 2021 Frontline News2021-07-29T15:43:27-07:00

7 Miracles

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, Right now, your circumstances can dramatically change... Jesus performed 7 miracles that you can claim as

7 Miracles2021-07-19T15:03:50-07:00

Miracle Seed

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, You’re not reading this by accident. Let me explain what I mean ... I have a

Miracle Seed2021-06-22T12:51:36-07:00

Pentecost 2021

Partner Ministry Letter Dear Friend, Pentecost is your season of the supernatural! God has reserved this season as an appointed time

Pentecost 20212021-05-25T10:14:59-07:00

April 2021 Frontline News

Hundreds of Muslims Witness the Healing Power of God with Fernando Garay After receiving the powerful impartation

April 2021 Frontline News2021-05-27T08:13:22-07:00

Grab Hold of Your Future

Partner Ministry Letter Beloved Partner, I received the enclosed photo with Dad’s note to me two weeks before he went home

Grab Hold of Your Future2021-04-19T08:00:46-07:00
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