Dear Friend, my partners are crying out, Heal Me Oh Lord!

Please pray for my body … I have rheumatoid arthritis. It’s in my knees, neck, nerves, and back. Anne

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. It seems like it never ends. Kathy

Please pray for my nephew. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and is on radiation treatment. LG

To answer the cries of my partners like you, I have set aside the entire month of July as our Summer Healing Crusade.

During our Summer Healing Crusade, through the entire month of July, we will believe God together for the healing streams of Calvary to flow into your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Heal Me, Oh Lord!

For 31 days, July 1 – 31, our Healing Crusade Prayer Team, comprised of God’s generals John Avanzini, Ayo Oritsejafor, Tommy Barnett, Judy Jacobs, Perry Stone, Raymond Mooi, Sergio De La Mora … our Senior Associate Ministers like Greg Mauro, Don Mandell, Justin Bennett … Jeri Mauro, the Captain of our Prayer Ministers, and intercessors …

… they all will join me during the Summer Healing Crusade to plant the healing power of God’s Word into your life and agree with you in prayer for your healing … and for your loved ones who are suffering.

Every day from July 1 – 31, you will have access to our online Summer Healing Crusade Prayer Room at, to receive your personal healing Word and your personal prayer from our Healing Crusade Prayer Team. During this month-long crusade, we will see the healing stream of Calvary flow from Heaven into the lives of our partners like you.

Your loved ones can access our online Prayer Room to believe God for their personal healing breakthrough!

To tap the power of God’s Word for your healing, I have prepared a special book to answer your cry: Heal Me, Oh Lord! It contains 31 Daily Devotionals that will give you a word, a promise of healing, and a healing prayer for you. Every day in July, your faith will be strengthened in the power of God’s Word for your healing … and for the healing of your loved ones who are suffering.

Every day in July, one of our Healing Prayer Team will pray you through the 31 Healing Devotionals in my book!

In addition to 31 Healing Devotionals, I will share with you powerful keys to receiving your healing touch from God. I will take you through six steps to receive your healing, and I will answer questions so many of my partners have asked over the years:

Is it God’s will to heal you? Can God heal all diseases? Is healing always immediate? What role does scripture play in our healing … and many more.

As your point-of-contact for your promise of healing, I will also send you our Summer Healing Crusade Anointing Oil, according to the promise of James 5:14:

Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

I want you to have it in your hands to anoint your body, and to anoint your loved ones according to the scriptures … to believe God for amazing breakthroughs of healing.

Our Summer Healing Crusade is your divine appointment to receive the promise of the same healing breakthroughs Dad’s healing crusades brought to the nations of the world!

My dear Friend, I am believing God for that same Healing Anointing that flowed from Heaven upon Dad’s crusades to be released to you and your loved ones during the 31 days of our Summer Healing Crusade.


God promised the children of Israel in Exodus that none of the diseases inflicted upon the Egyptians would come upon them, and that He would be their Lord and Healer. This covenant promise of healing and divine health was theirs if they would … heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments, and keep all His statutes … (Exodus 15:26, NKJV)

Jesus left us a divine mandate to preach the Gospel to every creature. During this worldwide Summer Healing Crusade, we are believing God for your personal healing breakthrough and the healing of the nations with a mighty increase of souls saved through our Million Soul Crusade.

Friend, I am going to ask you now in the name of Christ your Healer to plant your Healing Seed for your personal healing breakthrough and the Healing of the Nations through a mighty harvest of souls. Believe with me now for your personal healing and the healing of your loved ones during our Summer Healing Crusade.

With your Healing Seed Gift of £50, £75, £100 or whatever God speaks to your heart to give. I will rush you my 31-Day Healing Devotional, Heal Me Oh Lord, and your personal Healing Crusade Anointing Oil.

According to Exodus 15:26, listen to the voice of the Lord, do what is right in His sight, and keep His statutes. Ask God what you should give and rush your Healing Seed Gift in the Summer Healing Crusade  TODAY!

With much love and prayer,

David Cerullo


I must get your Healing Crusade Anointing oil and your devotional, Heal Me Oh Lord, in your hands before our Summer Healing Crusade begins on July 1. So please don’t delay.