Partner Ministry Letter

My Precious Partner,

I remember a gesture Morris used to make when he preached. He would put up his hands under his chin, flip his fingers up and say, “Take the mask off,” to advise all of us to get real. Today, I want to “take the mask off” and get real with you. I am struggling with Morris’ passing, and I miss him so much.

Each of us has periods of great struggle in our lives, and times we don’t think we will ever get through. However, God is always there for you and me. According to the Word, He is a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1, NKJV).

I have had many struggles throughout my 89 years and God has faithfully seen me through each one. I faced a great struggle during my pregnancy with our son, Mark. The doctors told us he couldn’t survive, and yet, we received our very special miracle from God on the day he was born!

God has always been there for me! And He will be there for you, too! I want to send you an amazing message MC carried with him throughout his life. It strengthened him in times of trouble, and it will strengthen you, too! It is from his personal writings about Jacob, a message you need to hear during the times we live in!

I know that you have had your own personal struggles. Maybe you’re in the thick of one right now and haven’t shared it with anyone else. And yet, God knows your deepest struggles. In Genesis 32, Jacob wrestled with a man all night and cried out: I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. Out of that encounter, he received a blessing and a powerful transformation from God.

God wants to transform your life and bless you even as you go through your struggles. God sees the difficulties you have and will intervene in your life and in your circumstances. That is why you need to get Morris’ message about Jacob, the deceiver, the supplanter because the answer to your struggles is within its pages.

In this message, you will learn:

  • How God will go before you and fight your battles for you!
  • God will never leave you, nor forsake you!
  • God has given you a new name and a new identity!
  • You must not try to face these perplexing times using human reasoning.
  • God’s abundant favor is yours!

There is so much more from Morris that I want to share with you. I believe this message about Jacob from Morris’ heart to yours will help you deal with your own current struggle, whether it be with your family, your finances, your health, your ministry … whatever you are facing.

Act in faith today and expect God to do miracles for you. He is challenging you to cross that line of divine favor and the manifestation of His Presence as you sow your best offering for souls for Him. Once you sow your gift, expect to receive your heavenly breakthrough, and soon you will receive Morris’ message on Jacob.

Hearing from you means a lot to me. Write to me with your gift for souls and your prayer requests so I can pray for you.

My Breakthrough Offering


I open up my heart to give You my faithful offering to live in your divine favor. My heavenly breakthrough is in your hands.
I trust and believe your promises. I surrender my life and all that I am into Your hand for the glory of Your Name!

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