• This 16-month calendar showcases amazing landmarks for our ministry. You will see the beautiful pictures from the Legacy Center, as well as prayer targets and inspirational messages to build your faith.
  • Christ is coming for a holy, anointed, OVERCOMING Church! He is building His Church and He said, ...the gates of hell shall not prevail against us! His purpose for the Church is, and always has been, to transform us into a powerful, victorious, overcoming CHURCH! His intention is regardless of what the enemy may try to do to defeat us, we will be strong and immovable—OVERCOMERS! This book will explore the promises Christ gave the seven churches in Revelation 2-3 to those who OVERCOME. We will look at how each of the eight promises relate to the Church today and Christ’s plan for us to be an OVERCOMING CHURCH.
  • God has revealed to me that a mighty manifestation of the Holy Spirit is coming. It will bring us into an experience of knowing Christ in all of His fullness. We will begin to function as the true Body of Christ. God will bring us into a powerful new dimension of unity in the Spirit. When this happens, get ready! The world will see the greatest release of the miracle-working power of God that it has ever seen. We will be living, and walking, in the manifestations of God’s miracle-working power.
  • Never before has there been a greater need for Christians to know how to pray with power, to pray prayers that are beyond ordinary prayer, and that are divinely energized and charged by the Holy Spirit!
  • There are specific strategies for properly using God's powerful word … the Logos and the Rhema … that will activate the keys for victory in every circumstance in your life! You can receive your healing, breakthrough, and God's abundant provision.
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